School site update

We are writing today to share another update on the proposed school site at Elements.

As yet, despite ongoing discussions, the sale of the site to an education provider is still pending. This does not mean, by any means, that the site will not be a school – it simply means the process is taking longer than predicted.

Negotiations are still currently underway with providers, who have smaller space requirements than the originally earmarked 9.6-hectare site.

Given the requirements of the site have changed, in early January, ID_Land will be launching a new residential release on a small portion the site, which will occupy part of the 9.6 hectares.

This release will not affect the ongoing negotiations to secure a school provider on the remaining land within the site.

We had hoped to have a more concrete update for you at this point of the year, but as discussions are ongoing, we are unfortunately able to provide one.

If you need any further information, please feel free to contact our friendly team at [email protected].


Q. Does this mean the school at Elements definitely isn’t being built?

A. No, it only means that a number of residential lots can be released on the significant 9.6ha site without disrupting current negotiations, proposals and plans.

During the initial planning process for the school site, the Catholic Education Office specifically requested a substantial area of 9.6ha. Once the Catholic Education Office ended negotiations, other providers – whom we are currently in talks with – communicated that 9.6ha was too large for their needs. As a result, the Elements team has decided  to release a small number of residential lots without impacting current discussions.

Q. Are you going to keep slowly releasing new stages until the whole school site is housing?

A. It is still our top priority to secure an education provider for the school site at Elements.

Q. Who are the current frontrunners to buy the school site?

A. While we are unable to confirm details currently as negotiations are ongoing, there are providers we are liaising with.

Q. Why is the sale taking such a long time?

A. Due to the economic strain of COVID-19, and the time constraints in the fourth quarter of the year, discussions with interested parties have been slower than we hoped. We are aiming to continue this early in the new year, so that we can provide another update as soon as possible.

Q. When will we know more?

A. We are hoping to pick discussions back up in Q1 2021, so we would like to provide another update during that time.

Q. Where can I go for more information?

A. The Elements website and Facebook page are the best places to look for updates, and you can always contact [email protected] with any specific questions or concerns. We are committed to being open and honest with our communications, so we will continue updating you as news becomes available.

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