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The arrival of autumn brings plenty of construction progress at Elements as a number of stages and amenity continue to forge ahead.

We’re excited to announce the Stage 4 park construction work is now complete,  with only the installation of the Park Slide and and structure in the coming weeks to put the finishing touch for residents to enjoy afternoon picnics and relaxing walks before the colder months set in.

An abundance of construction also continues across Stages 9, 11, 10 and 12 as well as the large Wetlands precinct. This precinct is set to feature cycling trails and perfect playground spots for the family and kids to enjoy. In addition, construction of the Dohertys Rd culverts and Morris Rd intersection are both roaring ahead.

Refer to the Construction Update area of the Website for specific information such as expected title timeframes.

Everything at Elements is coming together and we’re enjoying watching the community come to life.

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